The Antwerpen Gitaarfestival is an initiative by the N.P.O. Rode Productions.

Since 2010 the festival has welcomed the biggest stars in the world. Famous artists like Pepe Romero, David Russell, Manuel Barrueco, the Assad Brothers, Roberto Aussel, Andrew York, Harry Sacksioni, Xuefei Yang, Pavel Steidl, Zoran Dukic, Marcin Dylla, Jan Depreter, Anabel Montesinos, Artyom Dervoed, Grisha Goryachev, Rafael Aguirre, Karim Baggili, Lukasz Kuropaczewki, Goran Krivokapic, Atanas Ourkouzounov, Carlo Marchione, Matthew McAllister, Tilman Hoppstock, Johannes Möller, Judicaël Perroy, Roman Viazovskiy, Tomasz Zawierucha and many others, have made the Antwerpen Gitaarfestival an annual highlight of the classical guitar calendar in the world.

In the past 13 years thousands of visitors found their way to our Concerts, Masterclasses, the Expo and the national JUNIOR and international MASTERS Competitions, conquering the hearts and minds of guitar lovers around the globe and setting the standard for all other classical guitar festivals in Europe.

This year, with the support of our partners, we plan the 12th edition of our festival starting off on July 21 in AMUZ YOUNG MASTERS with our Greek international competition winner from 2021, Filippos MANOLOUDIS, and ending in style with a festive closing concert on November 12, 2023

Where can you find us?

The Antwerpen Gitaarfestival takes place at the CC DE KLAPFrans Messingstraat 36 in Deurne (Antwerp, Belgium). Whomever uses GPS or other SAT-NAVIGATION systems, please use for address Frans Messingstraat 36, 2100 Deurne (Antwerpen). You can also consult the following link

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We recommend

TULIP INN, Potvlietlaan 2, 2600 Berchem (Antwerpen)


Ask for the special rate for guests of the Antwerpen Gitaarfestival.

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