During the first 'Antwerpen Gitaarfestival Spring Break' guitar players and lovers get the chance of fine-tuning their guitar skills. You'll get the chance to bathe in the musical experience of Judicaël Perroy, Matthew McAllister, Stephanie Jones and Jan Depreter.


Don't miss the opportunity to meet Nejc Kuhar, composer in residence of the 2018 Antwerpen Gitaarfestival 2018. He'll be presenting the imposed pieces for the Antwerpen Gitaarfestival International Competition. Cherry on the cake: meet Diana Castelnuovo-Tedesco and the promising guitar builders of the famous instrument building school CMB Puurs.


The courses are open to all guitarists, but there are only 15 places. So don't hesitate to reserve your spot and make sure you don't miss out on:


5 tot 8 april 2018


Bed Muzet cultuurhostel
Volmolenstraat 65, 2500 Lier, Belgium


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4 days of

 inspiring meetings, great music and guitar Wisdom



  • Every student will receive three individual masterclasses with Matthew McAllister, Stephanie Jones and Jan Depreter
  • Exclusive possibility tof an extra individual masterclass with Judicaël Perroy or Nejc Kuhar. Please indicate your preference. Attention: limited availability.
  • 05/04 • 20u00: Duo Eminent with Nejc Kuhar & Moeko Sugiura
  • 06/04 • 20u00: Stephanie JonesMatthew McAllister
  • 07/04 • 19u00: Jan DepreterJudicaël Perroy
    Introduction: Diana Castelnuovo-Tedesco  'A life in music'
  • 08/04 • 17u00: Concert of the participants



  • How to evaluate a guitar?
    How to choose a new guitar? How to unlock its secrets? How to discover its qualities, its flaws? What do I need to look out for when looking for a new instrument? What type of guitar suits me best?
  • The imposed pieces for the 2018 Competition
    Composer in resedence Nejc Kuhar gives an exclusive in-depth first look at the newly commissioned imposed pieces for the 2018 Antwerpen Gitaarfestival competition.
  • So you made a guitar. What’s next?
    Miles Roberts of
    Kent Guitar Classics, will come and explain how young guitar makers can start a career for themselves, tips & tricks, the pitfalls & windfalls of how dealers and makers can meet somewhere in the middle.
  • During the course, apprentice makers of the CMB Puurs lutherie school and participants get to know each other and exchange about ideas about guitars. Each playing participant gets assigned one new guitar by a CMB apprentice to discuss construction, aesthetics and sound with 'your guitar maker' and play it at the closing concert.
  • Don’t miss your chance to mingle over music, life ànd Belgian beers with  Matthew McAllister, Judicaël Perroy, Jan Depreter, Stephanie Jones, Nejc Kuhar

Guitar Lovers who don't want to play themselves, can come and listen to the masterclasses, workshops and concerts.
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Matthew McAllister

Stephanie Jones

Jan Depreter

Judicaël Perroy

Nejc Kuhar

Diana Castelnuovo-Tedesco






Bed Muzet is the first youth hostel in Belgium that is dedicated to culture. It is located in a green area close to the School of music and arts of Lier. The city centre is within walking distance, as are the historic Sint-Gummaruskerk and the Zimmer tower.



Questions? Mail us: info@antwerpengitaarfestival.be