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EuroStrings is the first European platform for classical guitar founded by Zagreb Guitar Festival and Music school Bonar in 2017. The platform currently gathers 17 European classical guitar festivals.


The EuroStrings project's central activity is EuroStrings exchange programme attended by EuroStrings Artists, winners or holders of awards at international competitions

of 17 European guitar festivals which are EuroStrings Platform members.


Through the exchange programme, EuroStrings strongly supports the circulation of emerging talents among the platform's guitar festivals, offering the EuroStrings Artists the opportunity to perform at several EuroStrings festivals where they can reach international audiences and further educate themselves thus developing new skills and knowledge necessary for pursuing an international career and accessing new markets.


The EuroStrings Exchange Programme is implemented on the basis of a specially developed EuroStrings Master Curriculum. This program is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme and is free for the winners or holders of awards of the international competitions of the festivals that are members of the EuroStrings Platform. In addition to the aforementioned programme, the EuroStrings Artists receive a scholarship of 200€ for each festival at which they perform.





The one-year EuroStrings Exchange Programme is implemented according to the EuroStrings Master Curriculum that includes:

Masterclasses with world-famous musicians – the EuroStrings Ambassadors

Masterclasses for children and young guitarists

Solo concert engagements (minimum 3 per year)

Chamber music engagements together with other EuroStrings Artists

Multitude of outreach concerts and workshops

Program of lectures and broad-spectrum workshops in marketing, PR, business skills, professional behaviour, networking etc.


Starting from 2018, EuroStrings Artists will have the opportunity to learn from great masters and to perform side by side with established international musicians gathered under the name EuroStrings Ambassadors.


The EuroStrings Ambassadors 2018/2019 are Assad Brothers, Leo Brouwer, Aniello Desiderio, Ricardo Gallen, and David Russell.


The highlight of the EuroStrings Exchange Programme is the EuroStrings Competition - the first European competition open only to the winners or holders of awards at international competitions of the EuroStrings guitar festivals.

The winner of EuroStrings competition gets an opportunity to play solo concerts throughout Europe, Asia and America in 2019/2020, enabling him/her to develop a world-wide career.

In addition to the tour, the winner will receive a prize of 8,000€ gross.

The second edition of EuroStrings Competition will take place in London, 18 July – 21 July 2019, during the IGF Summit.


To acknowledge the financial situation of many young guitar players and to support their international education, EuroStrings has developed an annual scholarship programme for students from lower income backgrounds. Each year this scholarship enables 17 young guitarists to participate in one of the international guitar competitions and masterclasses at 17 EuroStrings Festivals. The open call for the scholarships is launched through the EuroStrings website before each Festival.


From November 2018, the winners of the international guitar competition at Upsala International Guitar Festival will have the opportunity to enjoy the title of the EuroStrings Artists and take part in EuroStrings Artists Exchange Programme.



EuroStrings Festivals

Antwerpen Gitaarfestival (BE)

International Guitar Festival Guimarães (POR)

Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust (AUT)

Zagreb Guitar Festival (CRO)

Szeged Guitar Festival (HUN)

Sarajevo International Guitar Festival (BiH)

Twents GitaarFestival (NL)

Montenegro International Guitar Competition (MNE)

Tampere Guitar Festival (FIN)

Plovdiv GuitArt Festival (BGR)

Tallinn Guitar Festival (EST)

International Guitar Festival Mottola (ITA)

International Guitar Festival José Tomás Villa De Petrer (ESP)

International Guitar Festival Nuertingen (GER)

Harmonia Cordis International Classical Guitar Festival (RO)

London Guitar Festival (UK)

Uppsala International Guitar Festival (SE)


The EuroStrings Platform is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union in the period of 2017 - 2021.